The Non-Facelift Face Lift

Dr. Zamani and Dr. Khanna discuss a unique approach to contouring the jawline, the Mini Necklift. This signature ICLS procedure combines liposuction, surgery and radiofrequency skin tightening to eliminate fat deposits under the chin while improving the contours along the lower face and neck. For Submental Liposuction we use VASERlipo with ultrasound for a skin tightening boost. Then, to improve the skin quality further we use Radiofrequency skin tightening along the neck, lower face and under chin.

A Mini Necklift is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate laxity in their jawline and neck, and who may not want or need the downtime associated with a full neck lift surgery or facelift procedure. The result is an instant lift that gets even better with time. Skin tightening technology’s full impact is best assessed 6-9 months after treatment as it takes this long for collagen to be stimulated. ⁠