At ICLS the most popular method for removing fatty deposits under the chin and contouring jawline area is through submental liposuction. Less invasive options for chin enhancement using CoolSculpting®; Belkyra™, a fat-dissolving injectable; or cosmetic fillers to enhance the appearance of the jawline. 

The submental liposuction procedure is performed under local anesthesia using the VASERlipo System, a minimally invasive ultrasound device that is a revolution in aesthetic body contouring. Additional skin tightening with radiofrequency may also be recommended for best results.

Patients looking for more balance in their facial features may benefit from a chin implant. A chin implant is made of a synthetic material that feels much like the natural tissue found in the chin. Submental or under the chin liposuction may also be recommended to enhance the final outcome, and to give better contour during this facial reconstruction.


Before and After

Patient B 1 of 2
Submental Liposuction and radiofrequency

Patient B 2 of 2
Submental Liposuction and radiofrequency

Patient A 1 of 2
Chin Implant

Patient A 2 of 2
Chin Implant

Patient C - 1 of 2

Patient C - 2 of 2

Chin liposuction and skin tightening with ThermiTight

Chin liposuction and skin tightening with ThermiTight

Patient D - 1 of 2
Submental Liposuction and radiofrequency

Patient D - 2 of 2
Submental Liposuction and radiofrequency

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Belkyra™ treatment cost?

    Pricing for Belkyra begins at $2,800 for the first two treatments. Typically, patients require anywhere from one to three treatments. To speak with a patient coordinator and schedule a consultation, contact us.

  • How does chin implant surgery work?

    Chin implant surgery is done as a day surgery in our clinic, under local anaesthetic with sedation or general anaesthetic. A small incision is made inside the lower lip, which means no visible scarring or under the chin where, when healed, any scar will be undetectable.

  • What is a chin implant made of?

    Your surgeon will choose a particular implant made of synthetic material to address your specific needs. The synthetic material can be silicone, Teflon or medpore. The implant will feel like the natural tissue found in the chin.

  • Do you do liposuction on the chin?

    Chin, or submental liposuction, is a very common procedure. Our surgeon uses VASERlipo System that uses a minimally invasive ultrasound device. This can be combined with additional skin tightening procedures for maximum effect. Contact ICLS to find out more.

Aftercare & Recovery

After a chin enhancement surgery, patients will go home with a small pressure dressing over the chin. Initial discomfort is easily controlled with oral medication. Swelling, tenderness, and possible local numbness gradually subside after a month or two.


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