Your skin loses elasticity as you age. Sun damage, environmental effects and gravity can affect the face, resulting in frown lines, a wrinkled forehead and drooping eyebrows. As the effects of aging take over, your face will look much older than you feel and you might even look sad, angry or fatigued even when you’re not.

A brow lift is a procedure that tightens wrinkled, drooping skin on the forehead and lifts sagging eyebrows. The underlying tissue in this area is either removed or repositioned to create a smoother forehead while reducing vertical frown lines between the eyebrows. With a brow lift, patients can achieve a younger and well-rested appearance.

If you would like to address your forehead lines and wrinkles, ICLS has multiple non-invasive options that allow patients to find the right results. They can restore your natural, youthful expressions as well as your self-esteem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Coronal Brow Lift?

    This technique is seldom used by our surgeon because she can make needed improvements using a less invasive procedure in most cases. However, in some cases, a coronal brow lift may be required to achieve a patient’s desired outcome. Using a long incision behind the hairline, excess skin and fat are removed and the remaining skin and brow muscles are repositioned into a smoother appearance.

  • What is a Temporal Brow Lift?

    A limited incision, or “temporal,” brow lift involves a longer incision and is often performed concurrently with eyelid lift surgery. First, incisions are placed behind the hairline of each temple. Next, your surgeon will lift and reposition the tissue of the outer brow area. Through incisions made for upper eyelid surgery, she can level your frown lines while lifting the eyebrows.

  • How much does brow lift cost?

    Pricing begins at $13,000. Contact ICLS to find out if this treatment is right for you.

Aftercare and Recovery

You should expect swelling and bruising after your brow lift, but this should subside after 7-10 days. Sleep and rest with your head elevated for the first week and apply cold compresses to the treatment area to reduce swelling. You may experience numbness and itching as your forehead lift incisions heal, but this will subside too. The bandages will be removed within a few days. You will be given detailed instructions for your brow lift recovery including when to resume your regular activities. Most patients see a substantial improvement in swelling and bruising after two weeks but others may experience prolonged bruising; of course, this bruising can usually be covered with makeup.

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