A lipoma is a small growing, fatty deposit that develops between your skin and the underlying muscle layer. It feels doughy and usually it is not tender, moves readily with slight finger pressure. They are often detected on the body during middle age. They commonly occur on the chest, back, shoulders, arms and thighs but can appear anywhere on the body. Some individuals have more than one lipoma at a time.  

Treatment is not medically needed. Patients may elect removal for cosmetic reasons. Lipomas would be removed by either Dr. Sapra with punch excision or our plastic surgeon for local excision depending on the size. Patients should know reoccurrence is possible. There is no way to prevent them.




Before and After


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does lipoma treatment cost?

    Pricing begins at $1,500 depending on how many and the length of time. Contact ICLS to find out if this treatment is right for you.

  • What causes a lipoma?

    The cause of lipomas is unknown. Genetic factors and inherited conditions likely play a role in their development.