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After a long, cold winter and a not-so-mild spring, summer is finally here! Spring and Mother’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego some much-needed pampering.  Instead of treating yourself to just a spa day or facial to get ready for summer, consider indulging in longer-lasting treatments with these top … Continue reading Interested in a new look for Summer? Consider these post-baby body treatments

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  Skin cancer is the most preventable forms of the disease yet remains among the most prevalent, especially since many individuals love outdoor activities or sun-tanning, all of which can increase the risk for skin cancer.  Properly and frequently applying sun protectant can prevent cancerous skin lesions, but it’s easy to forget sunscreen as a … Continue reading Treatment for Superficial Skin Cancers: Metvix Photodynamic Therapy


This past Victoria Day weekend was spent a bit less traditional than usual. There were fireworks and there were LOTS of parties but we flipped the script on location! Dr. Khanna and our ICLS plastic surgery department traveled to New Orleans for The Aesthetic Meeting 2019! The Aesthetic Meeting is an annual gathering hosted by … Continue reading ICLS at ASAPS 2019

As a dermatology nurse, I was presented with the exciting opportunity to travel abroad to Brussels to enhance my knowledge on the treatment for superficial skin cancers, known as Metvix Photodynamic Therapy. I had the privilege of traveling with my fellow dermatology nurse, Laura, Clinical Trials Research Coordinator, Shantel, and the one and only Dr. … Continue reading A Trip Abroad to Brussels: Enhancing Knowledge of Metvix Photodynamic Therapy

Let’s face it; your skin is always under assault. When you consider the natural aging process combined with environmental factors like sun damage and pollution, preserving your skin’s beauty may require help. ICLS Dermatology and Plastic Surgery offer advanced skin tightening treatments designed to rejuvenate your facial skin into a youthful tone and texture. Two … Continue reading Is Profound or Ultherapy Your Best Option for Skin Tightening?

It takes hard work to achieve a lean, fit physique. Diet, exercise and lifestyle all play an important role. For many patients however, the long hours spent honing a lean, physically fit figure don’t always result in the carved out appearance of clear muscle definition. Learn how high definition liposuction can help you achieve that … Continue reading How Does High Definition Liposuction Enhance Your Muscle Definition?


A “PROFOUND” CHANGE written by Janette RN (ICLS Recovery Room) Just recently, I started to notice I had the double-chin and jiggly-jowls thing happening to my “50 something” face, making me an ideal candidate to have the Profound Treatment offered to me as part of a Staff Training day. I really hadn’t thought too much … Continue reading A Profound Change

Can you believe that 2019 is already here? Along with eating better and exercising more, achieving a slimmer physique consistently ranks among the top of resolution lists. While these non-surgical solutions are certainly the right step to a healthier lifestyle, it can take more than a year to achieve a completely new figure via these … Continue reading Body Contouring Procedures That Will Help You Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions

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