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Are you ready for beach season? It’s never too early to get ready for summer. Stocking up on sunscreen and unpacking your summer clothes and swimsuits are fun parts of getting ready for warm weather, but so is working on your physique. You may be planning on undergoing liposuction, one of the most famous body … Continue reading Liposuction Recovery: Will You be Beach Ready by Summer?

We usually have two goals for beach season – fitting in our swimsuits and filling them out. When so many of us want curves in all the right places, it makes sense that breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. And now that beach season is near, you might be … Continue reading Get Bikini Ready by Summer with Breast Augmentation


March 5, 2018ICLS0HA Boosters,  Skincare,  

When it comes to starting your skin care regimen, sooner is better. Don’t wait until slight imperfections turn to noticeable complications. At ICLS, we love using HA boosters to tackle imperfections as soon as they arise and reverting your skin to perfection. We’ve outlined five very important things to know about HA boosters and how … Continue reading HA Boosters

Women have been chasing the secret to achieving that all important kissable pout since time immemorial. Unfortunately, women have no shortage of useless tips and tricks for attaining voluminous lips. Some tips, like using a lip liner to draw around the lips, amount to nothing more than an optical illusion, while others, like using suction … Continue reading Your Injectables Options for a Beautiful Pout

By now, you’ve probably heard of every single ingredient being touted as the next big lip-softening treatment; from cocoa butter and coconut oils to the ever prominent bee venom. Women have spent the better part of their lives finding the key to ending chapped lips for good. Trust us though – there’s no need to … Continue reading Pucker Up with Our Favorite Lip Perfecting Products


February 13, 2018ICLS0PRP,  

You’ve probably heard of PRP and it’s rejuvenating properties, but do you know exactly what PRP is? We’ve compiled five important things to know about this revolutionary treatment! Ready to enjoy the benefits of PRP? Schedule your consultation here.

You’ve been through every craze there is, from bee venom to coconut oil, and we get it—you want the real deal. It feels as if in our rush to find the next fountain of youth, we sometimes forget that the secrets to healthy skin have been with us all along—and we don’t just mean a … Continue reading PRP and Facial Rejuvenation: What You Need to Know about this Revolutionary Procedure

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