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When considering self-improvement options, plastic surgery and dermatology are often viewed as two separate procedures that rarely intertwine. What if procedures within these fields were considered as two sides of the same coin? At ICLS, we’ve found that combining distinctly niche solutions not only improves the outcome of each procedure, but also improves the long-term … Continue reading Benefits of Combining Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

The end of puberty doesn’t necessarily mean the end of acne. For countless men and women, adult acne can compromise their complexion, causing many to feel self-conscious about their appearance. At ICLS, Oakville dermatologist Dr. Sapra offers a comprehensive list of professional treatments to eliminate these blemishes and reveal a smooth, clear complexion. However, undergoing … Continue reading Our Favorite Acne Fighting Products for a Clear Complexion

Liposuction is an increasingly popular plastic surgery procedure in the summer, but there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to effective fat removal. Depending on each patient’s needs, definition liposuction, tumescent liposuction, or vaser liposuction can help achieve the right results. Read our infographic below to learn about the different techniques … Continue reading Choosing Your Liposuction Type

Summer’s finally here! As the weather warms, more and more women are ditching their dramatic eyeshadows and deeply vibrant lipsticks in favor of a lighter shades and cosmetics that enhance their natural beauty.   At ICLS, our goal is not only to provide comprehensive care – we want to help you maintain a beautiful and … Continue reading Our Favorite Makeup Products for a Beautiful, Healthy Look

Women of all ages are seeking cosmetic gynecologic procedures to reduce the physical discomfort and social anxiety caused by enlarged labia. Labiaplasty, which is one of the most popular of these procedures, is sought by more and more women every year. Labiaplasty is chosen for both cosmetic and functional reasons, and the team at ICLS … Continue reading How Labiaplasty Can Help You Live Confidently and Comfortably

There’s nothing like getting some sun when the warmer seasons finally approach. But without proper protection, sun exposure can increase your chances of premature aging and developing skin cancer. Today, there are plenty of sunscreen options that are specifically formulated for every skin type, whether you’re trying to combat oiliness or keep your skin hydrated. … Continue reading The Best Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin this Summer

Even with a strict diet and rigorous exercise routine, you might still struggle with the “double chin”. This can be caused by aging, weight fluctuations, or simply genetics. For many it can be frustrating, while for some can even cause feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence. While options like liposuction and necklift surgery have … Continue reading Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin without Surgery

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