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May 24, 2017ICLS0

Our world is filled with signs telling us where to go, what to do, how to do it, etc. Sometimes it feels as if there is a sign for everything yet without them, we might have no idea where to put our trash, how much something costs or what’s open on a holiday. We instinctively … Continue reading Pay Attention

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t sweat out cellulite. See, cellulite is what happens when fat stores underneath the skin start to push up against vertical connective tissue. Have you ever seen an overstuffed couch cushion with a button pressed in the middle? It’s a little bit like that. While a good 90% of women … Continue reading Don’t Sweat your Cellulite this Summer – with Cellfina

We’ve been told our entire lives that with the right diet and the proper amount of exercise, we can have the bodies we’ve always wanted. We’ve all lived with the old adage that with hard work, comes great rewards. Unfortunately, there are some of us who have done the work and practiced self-discipline and still … Continue reading When Diet and Exercise Fail: What CoolSculpting Can Do for You

There are many health benefits that come along with maintaining an active lifestyle such as losing or maintaining weight, strengthening your body and keeping a clear mind. ICLS compiled the below list of five awesome fitness studios around Oakville. If you’re in search for a new fitness studio, check out Living Well Pilates, Be Yoga and Wellness, … Continue reading 5 Awesome Fitness Studios Around Oakville

Here’s a wild guess: if we gave you a piece of paper and asked you to draw your ideal figure, you’d have every single curve and contour down pat. We all think about our fantasy figure a lot, if not obsessively, whether it’s fantasizing about a ripped belly made for crop tops or sleeker, streamlined … Continue reading Define your Look, with Precision Contouring from Vaser Lipo

Springtime is dedicated to growth and renewal, a time when new life “springs forth.” This spring, you should embrace change and transformation; when the flowers start to bloom and blossom, so should you. As we emerge from the cold thaw of winter, we need to debut a more invigorated, renewed version of ourselves and celebrate … Continue reading Let Your Beauty Bloom This Spring with These Anti-Aging Therapies

When you think of summer, it evokes visions of time with family by the pool or on the beach, having a picnic, hiking or camping.  Definitely, outdoor activities are most popular during the spring and summer and therefore, it is essential that you protect your skin and the skin of your loved ones with the … Continue reading Protect your most valuable possession…..your FAMILY!

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