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February 13, 2018ICLS0PRP,  

You’ve probably heard of PRP and it’s rejuvenating properties, but do you know exactly what PRP is? We’ve compiled five important things to know about this revolutionary treatment! Ready to enjoy the benefits of PRP? Schedule your consultation here.

You’ve been through every craze there is, from bee venom to coconut oil, and we get it—you want the real deal. It feels as if in our rush to find the next fountain of youth, we sometimes forget that the secrets to healthy skin have been with us all along—and we don’t just mean a … Continue reading PRP and Facial Rejuvenation: What You Need to Know about this Revolutionary Procedure

Have you ever had a friend point out a 30 or 40-something celebrity and say, “she looks better than ever!”, and you’re pretty sure she actually meant it? Then you discover that same celebrity claims to have never gone “under the knife” (and you don’t think she’s lying, either). For most of us, this is … Continue reading Celebrities Looking Good in Their 30s and 40s From Dermatologist-Based Skincare Routines

Do you feel like your double chin needs to be binned along with your Thanksgiving leftovers—and fast? If you do, then chin liposuction might be right for you. As trendy as nonsurgical solutions for submental fat have become, liposuction still offers a number of unique and important advantages for patients. The Top 5 Benefits of … Continue reading Thanksgiving has Passed – Ditch the Wattle with Chin Liposuction

You lose more than just your hair with hair loss. You lose an essential part of your identity and a means of self-expression. It’s why finding a truly effective, safe hair restoration treatment is so important. We don’t want cover-ups, optimal illusions, or weak shampoos; we want a real treatment that gets to the root … Continue reading The 411 on PRP – The Next Big Hair Loss Treatment

  Between the changing weather, copious amounts of candy consumed, and caked-on costume makeup, Halloween time can be tricky for your skin. While your skin might need some extra TLC during the spookiest time of year, there are some easy ways to avoid breakouts and maintain the glowing complexion we all strive for. There are … Continue reading Forget the Tricks – Make Your Skincare Routine a Treat for Glowing Skin This Halloween

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