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From hair removal to skin tightening, cosmetic laser treatments offer a range of results and possibilities. However, finding creative ways to stay inside and recover completely before exposing sensitive skin to the elements can be tricky. Luckily, cold, slushy days and reduced daylight make winter the perfect time to take the plunge on laser treatments. … Continue reading Why Winter Is the Best Time for Laser Treatments

Tired of looking tired? You’re not alone. Under-eye bags can cause patients of all ages to look older, make skin look dull and diminish a person’s overall appearance. Luckily, professional surgical and non-surgical treatments from experienced specialists like the team at ICLS can ensure you start the new decade off feeling your best. The Culprit … Continue reading Under-Eye Bags: Best Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatments in 2020

There’s an old adage that says minor surgery is never minor if it’s on me. Perhaps that’s why many people resist the removal of benign moles while the procedure is safe and simple. Here are some myths to disregard when considering benign mole removal. Removal is Painful Many of our patients are excited to learn … Continue reading Myths of Benign Mole Removal: Why Some Toronto Residents Resist this Simple Procedure

When considering plastic surgery, you need to understand how the chin and nose affect the overall balance of your face. Many surgeons liken the chin and nose as a teeter-totter balancing across your lips. A small chin can make a normal nose look big and a big nose can make a normal chin look small. … Continue reading Chin Implant or Rhinoplasty? Which Will Boost Your Appeal Most?

If your chin is small or recessed, you shouldn’t consider it a problem. It can be fixed through cosmetic chin surgery called genioplasty. The procedure involves using surgical implants that can alter the underlying structure of the face and provide better balance to the facial features. The chin can be moved forward, pushed back, moved … Continue reading Toronto Chin Implant Before and After that May Surprise You

For many patients, submental fullness – also known as a double chin – can be a significant source of embarrassment. While the condition is a common sign of aging, getting older isn’t the only cause behind a double chin. Weight gain, genetics and even skin laxity are all culprits that can lead to excess fat … Continue reading Kybella® v. Chin Liposuction: Which will work better for you?

With the help of chin liposuction, your turkey neck or double chin can be a thing of the past. Recent years have seen this body-contouring surgery grow exponentially, thanks in part to the treatment’s minimally invasive nature and highly-targeted approach. For countless patients, chin (submental) liposuction has become an effective tool in restoring definition to … Continue reading How to Use Chin Liposuction to Emphasize Your Strong or Delicate Jawline

There’s always another fish in the sea, but diving back into the dating pool can be intimidating after a lifetime in a committed relationship. Many baby boomers are finding themselves newly single and are turning to plastic surgery to give themselves the confidence to find love again.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, … Continue reading Baby Boomers Back to Dating Turn to Favorite Facial Procedures

Regardless of the weather or season, the sun’s powerful rays can damage skin cells. Over time, this can not only accelerate the aging process but also increase a person’s risk of developing skin cancer. While most patients know that diligent sunscreen use goes a long way in minimizing these harmful effects, few are away that … Continue reading Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen: Here’s What to Know

The breast implant decision is highly personal and often the result of lengthy deliberation by patients who’ve weighed the pros and cons of the procedure. The choice to have implants removed, or explanted, is a similarly extensive decision that is often long in the making. These women have often enjoyed their implants for many years … Continue reading Is Breast Implant Removal with Simultaneous Fat Transfer Right for You?

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