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Let’s Talk About Vaginas…Mic Drop

I look back on a time when I never worried about the types of clothes I was putting on my body. Ohhh…those were the days. I would be putting on a nice new pair of jeans, the kind of jeans that hugged my body in all the right places. I loved jeans. They were my go to for every occasion. But I will never forget one particular day, it was well after I had my daughter and it had been a long time since I put on the thing I loved most, jeans!

After deciding to go out shopping in my jeans I think I had been out for maybe an hour and all I could think about was taking these awful things off my body. They were tight and pinched in places pants should never pinch. I felt so uncomfortable and in turn just wanted to go home. Who knew that clothes could actually ruin your day? I suppose now that I think about it, I had probably felt this way before, but it was mostly related to the dress pants I so strongly despised and could pretty much avoid wearing.

But to have this feeling about something I loved wearing the most was really hard and a tough reality to swallow.

Woman sitting on the floor wearing jeans

I never realized that there was something I could do to feel more confident and comfortable in the clothes I wanted to wear. But when I first heard about Thermiva, which promised to improve some of the unwanted physical changes that undoubtedly happen after having our lovely children. Oh the wonderful things they do to our body, but man they’re so worth it.

mom loving her baby

But I honestly didn’t think it would be something I would ever consider. My first reaction was feeling ashamed that I would ever need something like that done. I knew that it could possibly benefit me with my dress pant wearing issues but I was too shy to ever talk about it. That was until the jeans incident happened. I started to question why shame would even come into the equation.

Why would talking about vaginas…something all women have…be considered a taboo topic? There are so many women who I am certain feel the exact same way, we’re all on the same page, and we talk about every other topic known to man, so why should this be any different? I didn’t want to live my life being self-conscious or uncomfortable in what I wear, so I decided to put my pride aside and go for a consultation.

All it took was walking through her doors. Dr. Khanna couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable and at ease with who I was and why I was coming to see her. She told me that ThermiVa would definitely give me more internal tightness (what woman doesn’t want that) and it could help tighten everything externally as well, which would help to keep me from having to go under the knife.

Ok so here it goes. My first treatment I was nervous. I was fully aware from my consultation in terms of what was going to take place but I still didn’t really know what to expect. However, I knew that I was in good hands and the nurses at ICLS made me feel great, like I was in a safe place and like it was no big deal. No judgement and definitely no more shame. I could have been there for any type of treatment and I know I would have received the same type of professionalism and care.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering…what’s it really like?! Well, it really is painless…I promise. Believe me I was as shocked; yet pleasantly surprised as you are. It really only felt warm, except when the cold ultrasound gel was applied of course! The treatments lasted maybe 45 minutes each from start to finish and I completed my 3 treatments, which were spaced about 5 weeks apart.

A couple of weeks after my first treatment I knew there had been a change. Not visually yet but physically. Being intimate with my partner felt better, which only increased as I progressed with my treatments. He even said he could definitely notice a difference (because I wanted to hear his feedback). I knew that the treatment had done what it was supposed to, but it was my jeans that would tell the real truth.

I waited several weeks after my last treatment before attempting to put those babies back on and when I did I think I almost cried. They fit nicely once again. They weren’t too tight in certain areas, they didn’t pinch and more importantly, I didn’t want to run home and tear them off.

I truly feel like I had my mic drop moment. It was so much more than just changing something about my body. I started with something I could barely feel comfortable talking about, and left feeling empowered not only with my body, but also empowered to tell others my story.



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