Age-related changes can make the nose appear to be growing, or look bigger or wider as we get older. Rhinophyma can be a very troubling concern for those affected and can carry a strongly negative psychological impact due to the obvious impact on one’s personal appearance.

Rhinophyma itself is typically characterised by prominent pores, papules and a fibrous thickening of the skin on the nose. It is highly associated with the common skin condition rosacea and occurs most often in men. Bulbous rhinophyma excision can have a dramatically positive impact on an individual’s personal appearance and ultimately their self–esteem. The procedure is performed by our plastic surgeon under local or general anaesthetic. The excess skin is excised to remove the skin growth and is then reshaped to reveal a more aesthetically pleasing nasal shape.

Non-surgical or surgical rhinoplasty can alter the shape of the nose to address facial balance, symmetry and aesthetic. Cosmetic fillers can be used to enhance the shape of the nose, a procedure often referred to as “liquid rhinoplasty.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cause of Rhinophyma?

    Rhinophyma was once thought to be caused by heavy drinking of alcohol. This is not the case. Rhinophyma occurs at the same rate in people who do not use alcohol as in those who drink heavily. The problem is much more common in men than in women.

    The cause of rhinophyma is unknown. It may me a severe form of a skin disease called rosacea.

  • How do you treat Rhinophyma?

    The most common treatment is surgery to reshape the nose. Surgery may be done with combination laser and scalpel. Certain acne medications may also be helpful in treating the condition.

Aftercare and Recovery

Any areas of the face that are being treated at a higher level can expect swelling for the first 3-5 days. For deeper treatment levels, the treated area is covered with Vaseline, which can help prevent formation of a crust or scab.

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