Alternative Uses for Botox You’ve Probably Never Considered

Since its introduction into the world of cosmetic dermatology, Botox has become one of the most popular treatments for men and women. At ICLS, many of our own patients turn to this treatment as the first step in addressing signs of aging and stopping wrinkles in their tracks. However, few are familiar with how Botox can be effectively used for more than just crow’s feet and frown lines. Consider Botox for the following ways to meet your cosmetic goals:

Minimization of Pores

Botox works on the muscles of the face, which is why it’s so effective at softening lines and wrinkles caused by repeat expressions. But the size of your pores is also controlled by facial muscles. Large pores are a frustrating cosmetic problem for many patients, especially those whose pores excrete more oil (sebum) than the average person. Oily skin is a challenge for makeup application, and excess oil and dirt easily clogs pores, causing blemishes. These common issues can be corrected with injection of Botox into the muscle (erector pili) that controls the pores, making them smaller and reducing the oil they produce. After treatment, patients enjoy smooth skin and decreased shine throughout the day.

Reduction of Chin Dimpling

Crepe-y skin is a common part of the aging process, contributing to cosmetic changes that make you look advanced beyond your years. This shift in skin texture has several causes, one of which is contraction of a muscle called the mentalis, located in the chin. When this muscle works overtime, patients notice their skin in this area resembles that of an orange peel – textured and bumpy. Botox works on the muscle, to relax contractions, thereby smoothing the soft tissue on the chin. This is the same process that makes Botox so effective for use on the forehead and around the eyes as well.

Raising Drooped Brows

If you have mildly or moderately sagging eyebrows, you may not necessarily need surgery to correct this cosmetic problem. Just as certain muscles of your face can contract pores and the soft tissue around the chin, they can pull your brow downwards. Changing the coordination if this push-pull effect created by the facial muscles can work to your benefit, lifting the brow without invasive surgery. Strategic injections of Botox are placed to shift the balance of the force pulling the brow muscle down, giving the lifting muscles a boost. The result is a refreshed appearance with a more open upper eye area.

Contouring the Jaw

An overactive masseter muscle, which runs along the jaw, is the culprit for a squared facial aesthetic. As the muscle works over the years to help you bite and chew, you may notice that this squared effect becomes exacerbated, making female patients feel as if their jaw appears large and masculine. Botox relaxes the masseter muscle to decrease its size and contour the jawline. This area is sculpted and reduced, helping to create the oval and tapered aesthetic associated with a feminine facial shape. Patients will still be able to bite and chew normally, however; Botox does not prevent healthy jaw function.

Improving Lip Fullness

Thin lips make you look older than you are – whether you always lacked in lip volume or you’ve noticed a depletion of plumpness over the years. Botox can be injected to provide a lip flip, exposing more of the pink tissue underneath and creating the appearance of fuller, more shapely upper lips. A lip flip provides natural-looking improvements to lip contour and does not make you look over-treated. Patients can choose additional injectables as well to increase tissue volume, depending on their goals.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Botox

Fundamentally, Botox is a unique product with the potential to completely rejuvenate multiple areas of the face. To determine if your unique cosmetic concern can be addressed Botox, we encourage you to contact our Oakville office for a consultation. Together we can help you find the best possible solution for smooth, flawless skin and appealing facial contours.