A dilated pore, known as dilated pore of Winer, is a lesion that looks like a circle with a large, open area of dark material.  This material is keratin, a tough protein in the skin. In plain terms it is a very big black head. They are usually much larger than a blackhead, but sometimes appear very close in appearance. It appears as a single, enlarged pore in appearance with a black “plus” in the middle surrounded by healthy, normal-appearing skin.

These benign lesions usually appear on the head and neck, often on the face.  However, some people may notice the pore on their back. They are is not medically needed; however, individuals elect removal for cosmetic reason.

For permanent removal Dr. Sapra offers punch excision removal.  This removes the entire open pore, replacing it with a line scar.  The size of the scar would depend on the size of the pore itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it called dilated pore of Winer?

    Louis H. Winer is credited with discovering the dilated pore.

  • Are there topical creams that treat a dilated pore?

    Topical creams do not work on dilated pores, nor does laser therapy. A punch excision with one or two sutures is the only recommended treatment. Contact us to speak with a patient coordinator.