Will Having a ‘Mommy Makeover’ Send the Wrong Message to Your Kids?

There’s no question that having children does things to a woman, both physically and emotionally. Having a ‘mommy makeover’ through cosmetic surgery won’t send the wrong message to your kids, if you don’t make it all about how you look.

Striking a Balance

Motherhood is a daunting job and giving birth and nursing babies certainly changes the way our bodies look. Mothers are supposed to be self-sacrificing, so doing things that make you feel good has a tendency to strike people as selfish. But there’s a balance to be had that many people, especially mothers, miss.

The truth is having cosmetic surgery to repair the changes that childbirth and nursing does to our bodies, isn’t too far different from taking the time to apply makeup in the morning or going to the gym. When you’re doing everything you can to see to the needs of the kids, there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself a little. Motherhood shouldn’t only be about endless giving. In fact, feeling good about yourself can’t help but make you a better parent.

Telling the Kids

Simply tell your kids that there is something about your body that you are unhappy with and have decided to fix it. Children think about things in very natural ways and have an easy time getting used to new ideas. You could also tell them that everybody is different and what you’re doing is not for everyone.

Whether or not your children, especially daughters, will grow up with a negative body image depends on how you talk about yourself. Avoid any kind of negative talk about how you feel about your body when the kids are around, so you don’t pass on that kind of negative self-talk and thinking.

Being the Best You Can Be

Our goal is to be the best we can be and we want that for our children, too. Make living a healthy lifestyle the most importance thing and explain that cosmetic surgery is just a tool to help someone be the best she can be to boost her self-esteem and live life to the fullest.

Mommy Makeovers

A full ‘mommy makeover’ repairs the areas most affected by pregnancy and motherhood – namely the breasts and abdomen area. Breasts often lose volume and change shape in most women, even if they don’t breastfeed. Implants are an effective option to restore volume and shape. Now we can even use fat transferred from other parts of our bodies, to contour our breasts. Others may need skin removal and a lift to return their breasts to the shape they were before pregnancy. Hips and thighs are other areas that may benefit from liposuction after pregnancy. We can even treat the vaginal area with a non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates called Thermi-Va.

The best time for a ‘mommy makeover’ is when a woman has decided she doesn’t want any more children. Pregnancy after such surgery will alter the results. Bottom line, feel good and enjoy life. Love yourself with whatever you decide but don’t feel guilty about looking after you.