How Does High Definition Liposuction Enhance Your Muscle Definition?

It takes hard work to achieve a lean, fit physique. Diet, exercise and lifestyle all play an important role. For many patients however, the long hours spent honing a lean, physically fit figure don’t always result in the carved out appearance of clear muscle definition. Learn how high definition liposuction can help you achieve that long sought after chiseled appearance.

Hi-Def Liposuction vs Definition Liposuction

While both procedures may seem the same, there are substantial differences that make each solution ideal for different types of patients:

What is Definition Liposuction?

Definition liposuction is a form of surgical fat removal combines a suction cannula with fast vibrations to gently remove fat tissue from the target areas. This enhanced combination not only improves patient comfort but has also shown to improve skin elasticity post-treatment. The added vibrations also allow the surgeon to use less effort and force to remove excess fat tissue, allowing for greater precision when removing fat cells.

The Difference between Definition and High Definition Liposuction

In contrast to traditional liposuction and definition liposuction, high definition liposuction is designed specifically to enhance musculature. This form of liposuction uses a combination of the suction cannula and extreme vibrations to reach deep fat pockets that accumulate around muscle groups. As the fat tissue is removed, the skin texture begins to tighten and improve, leaving patients with more visible muscles and a tighter, more etched appearance once they’ve healed.

The Benefits of High Definition Liposuction

Beyond helping patients achieve a more fit looking appearance, there are several important advantages that come with high-def liposuction. For starters, the procedure uses ultrasound energy to help break up fat cells before they are removed with the cannula. As a result, excess tissue can be easily extracted without having to vigorously maneuver the cannula, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.

Another important advantage of the vaser ultrasound technology is that it limits bruising during treatment, leading to more pleasant patient experience.  Furthermore, the minimal bruising results in shorter recovery time and more predictable results. For patients looking to enhance washboard abs before an upcoming beach trip or vacation, high def lipo is an excellent treatment option.

Am I a Candidate for High Definition Liposuction?

As high definition focuses on enhancing underlying musculature, the best results are achieved when patients have already reached their goal weight and are regularly maintaining it with a healthy diet and exercise. Like other liposuction options, high-def liposuction is not a weight loss alternative. In fact, this treatment is only recommended when patients already have visible musculature – otherwise, patients may not get the visibility they’re looking for with this option.

Ideal candidates for high definition liposuction are individuals who

  • Are in good health and generally display a lean, fit figure
  • Have a body mass index below 28-30 and ideally below 25
  • Have reasonable expectations as to how much contouring is possible with the treatment.

Achieve the Definition You Desire at ICLS

Make sure that the long hours you’ve spent honing the perfect body get the attention they deserve. High definition liposuction can help you show off your hard work. To learn more about this advanced body sculpting procedure, contact our Oakville plastic surgeon today. Together, we’ll help you achieve the perfect body you’ve been dreaming of.