Why an Eyelift Can Have Such a Large Impact on Your Look

“The eyes are the windows to your soul.” We might never know who exactly coined this phrase, but it’s still a beautiful sentiment. It’s a timely reminder that while we get older, our eyes retain the very essence of who we are and what we’ve been through. When you look in the mirror, or when people gaze into your eyes, your full character is on display, whether it’s a battle-worn strength or a youthful zest for life. But what happens when our eyes start to betray us, to reflect someone much older and exhausted than we really feel? It’s that very struggle that turns people to the eyelift, a procedure that can give a person back more than just a youthful appearance—it can give them their cherished identity back.

Why an Eyelift?

It’s one of the most irritating statements you can ever hear, and for some of us, it’s a statement that we hear a lot: “You look tired.” The worst part is that we can’t help it; drooping skin and puffiness in our upper and lower eyelids can make even the most lively of us look like we just pulled an all-nighter. That’s all fixable with an eyelift, a procedure that can subtly tighten and lift our eyelids so that you can look refreshed and years younger.

The Upper Eyelift

Drooping upper eyelids can inflict a wide range of damage, creating the illusion that you are much older, much more tired and heavier than you really are. With an upper eyelift, your eyes can be revitalized and rejuvenated by removing the excess skin and tissue that’s causing your eyelids to droop.

The Lower Eyelift

Perpetually puffy lower eyelids can make us look tired anywhere, anytime, and no amount of coffee, little slices of cucumbers or concealer can help. If you’re tired of looking tired, a lower eyelift can remove the excess fat, skin and tissue for a more refreshed look.

Aging is a hard enough experience to go through, but when something that’s so fundamental to who we are changes, it can be really devastating. Thankfully, the eyelift is a chance for us to return to who we were and, more importantly, it’s a chance for the world to see you as you really are. For a consultation on the eyelift, contact us for a consultation.