The ICLS Advantage

Welcome to ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery, where our family has been proudly serving your family for over 25 years.  Our “small, local business” consists of over 60 nursing and administrative professionals and every person goes to great lengths to provide you with the care that you deserve. Our extensive team of experts take pride in being able to treat you like family.  

At ICLS, we believe education is paramount and for this reason, we have ensured that our team is trained by world renowned experts in the field of Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Our dedicated team of patient educators are the friendly voices that you hear each and every time you reach out to ICLS. Whether your family doctor has referred you to our medical Dermatology department or Clinical Trials, or you are simply looking for a solution to your own skin concern, we have tailor-made options to suit your specific budget, time frame and desired result.

Our select team of highly skilled nurse injectors, use state-of-the-art techniques to create a comprehensive plan that not only looks natural, but provides long lasting results and stays within your budget. There are no other clinics in Canada that have as much experience in relaxing and softening the aging face, as ICLS. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to earn your respect and trust and for allowing us the privilege to care for you and your family.