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Never in a million years did I think I would find a job that I enjoy as much as I do working at ICLS. I have been a nurse on the Dermatology side for a little over 4 months and the shock of landing myself an amazing job with the ICLS family has still not worn off (and I don’t think it ever will!)

As a Dermatology Nurse I have the privilege of helping a multitude of patients with issues and concerns related to their skin. One of the main skin concerns I see on our Dermatology side is redness and rosacea.

Becky Collins

What is rosacea you ask? It’s a chronic skin condition that typically affects the face. It can present as mildly as flushing of the cheeks that comes and goes, to more visible and persistent redness. Bumps, pimples and blood vessels are also highly associated with the skin condition.

Our main method of attack, if you will, is to offer Cynergy laser treatments. Cynergy is one of the MANY lasers we have at ICLS. We can confidently recommend Cynergy knowing that it will help to decrease patients’ redness, and eliminate the tell-tale and common symptoms of rosacea. I see patients day in and day out who are happy with their overall result, but may not have quite reached their goal. At this point I always recommend taking their Cynergy treatments to the next level by incorporating a great skincare routine. It is important that we know and approve of what a patient is using at home. Unfortunately there is some skincare on the market that can be slowing or having a negative impact on the course of treatment you’re having in office. So it’s important to always let us know what you’re using!

One of the most effective skincare regimes that help to battle redness and/or acne is the Vivier Redness Relief Kit. It’s a six product kit that contains:

Vivier Redness Relief Kit

So you may be wondering what makes the Vivier Redness Relief Kit so amazing? It’s a little something called Hexamidine – which is an ingredient that helps to decrease redness AND also helps with eliminating bacteria, thus getting rid of those pesky breakouts we all love to hate! The kit has amazing products that soothe the skin, leave your skin squeaky clean as well as comes in an amazing case that you can take with you when travelling. Want to know another little secret? We know the combination of skincare along with effective in-office treatments is SO IMPORTANT, that when having a package of Cynergy treatments for any reason (acne scarring, redness, rosacea or acne); we include the Vivier Redness Relief Kit for FREE! Bonus! I am so thrilled to talk to patients about this kit since I personally use it twice a day and LOVE it!

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