Minimize Melasma with Dermamelan Mask

I think it is safe to say that a clear and even complexion is something all of us desire. At our dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinic we know that one of the major hindrances and most common problems is pigmentation and melasma. Pigmentation is typically brown spots on the skin that are either age spots or freckles. Melasma on the other hand tends to be a whole different kind of monster.

Melasma is often hormonally caused and can be worsened by the sun, or may even come out during or after pregnancy (often called a pregnancy mask). So why is melasma so difficult to treat? It is most often unaffected or worsened by lasers like IPL because it just causes the pigment to be trapped closer to the surface of the skin. That is why Dermamelan is one of the best and only options to treatment melasma. We love recommending the Dermamelan. So many patients are embarrassed by their condition, especially when it appears in large patches or on the upper lip.

From years of being in the sun, Ashleigh had developed a combination of melasma in addition to LOTS of freckles! Because of this, Dr. Sapra, our dermatologist decided that she would get the most benefit from a Dermamelan treatment. Because Ashleigh has just had the treatment done, we have included some before and afters to tide you over.

So how does it work…first, a chemical peel is applied to the face. Then the Dermamelan mask, a thick coloured cream is applied. You’re then sent home and the mask can be washed off after 8–12 hours. Patients can expect mild to significant peeling around day two which can continue for up to a week. (We highly recommend postponing any first dates during this time) Two weeks later the mask will be re–applied to target any areas that are left behind. Overall, Dermamelan is a treatment that effectively softens or completely eliminates pigmentation thereby helping to reveal the luminosity and even tone of the skin.