Is the Keller Funnel an Advantage in Breast Augmentation?

Our Plastic Surgery team is always striving to give our patients the safest and most satisfying experience and because of this reputation, our doctors have often sought out new technologies and products. A good portion of the time the new products or equipment do not make it into our patient experience, but quite some time ago, the Keller Funnel found its place in ICLS’ Operating Room.

So what the heck is it and what does it do? One of the biggest concerns with any surgery is preventing infection before, during and after a procedure, especially breast implants. The goal is to touch the implant as little as possible and maintain perfect sterility during the surgery.

The Keller Funnel makes achieving this goal easier. With the concept of a cake icing bag combined with the inner coating of the funnel becoming very slippery when moistened, our surgeons can place the implant into the breast with little to no touching of the implant.

This means that although they are already working in the sterile environment of the Operating Room, our surgeons are just taking that one (of many!) extra little steps to ensure the best outcome for our patients.