Fat: What is it Good For?

Ok, yes, fat is technically an “F” word.  We try to lose it, burn it, count it in our daily calorie intake and even consider surgical and non-surgical procedures to get rid of it; but what if you could make it WORK for you?

Let’s back up a bit.  The muffin top, the love handles, the lower stomach pouch – fat seems to like to settle exactly where we don’t want it and you think that you just have to put up with it and pick a more flattering outfit. WRONG! What if you could take that pesky fat from the area that it doesn’t belong and relocate it to a more deserving area? You can! That’s where fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, comes in.

Using a liposuction technique called fat harvesting, fat can be removed from areas such as the abdomen, back and thighs, processed and injected into a different area of the body. These can include the face for volume rejuvenation, the breasts for better contour and even the buttocks for a curvier silhouette. The benefit is two-fold: 1. They are your own fat cells and are well tolerated and 2. You’re killing two birds with one stone while redefining your shape into a proportion that appeals to you.

It is common to combine fat transfer with an already planned liposuction procedure and, as with any surgical procedure, you should be a healthy body weight and always do your planning with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is well versed with the procedure.  While it can take more than one procedure to achieve your goal, the fat stays behind as a permanent result for years to come.

So from Villainous to Victorious, what can your fat do for you???