Are Fraxel Results Permanent?

At this point in your life, you’re not one to waffle about. You have a strong and steadfast spirit—you know what you want and you know why you want it. With that attitude, you only to bother with products that are truly tried-and-true. It’s why you find yourself asking questions like: does the Fraxel Laser really have permanent results? If you’re bent on finding out whether one of the most reliable skin resurfacing procedures in the world is the real deal, let’s explore the world of Fraxel lasers and whether they’re truly worth it.

First Off: What’s Fraxel?

You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen what it can do, but what is Fraxel, exactly? Well, Fraxel is an advanced laser system that triggers the skin’s healing mechanisms. By sending small, but powerful bursts of energy into the skin, Fraxel triggers a response by your body to start healing and rebuilding. With Fraxel, patients can treat a myriad of skin conditions like melasma and acne scarring, as well as signs of aging like wrinkles and sun spots. With Fraxel lasers, patients can enjoy naturally clearer, younger, and glowing skin without needing a single stitch or incision.

How Fraxel Works

If you want to get technical about it, Fraxel is a fractional laser, meaning it targets small areas of the skin while leaving large surrounding areas untouched; that way, Fraxel protects large areas of your skin, allowing for a more comfortable treatment and a faster recovery. Once Fraxel targets those smaller areas, it starts a cascading reaction of collagen production and skin cell growth—leading to fresher, younger looking skin all over the face.

The Big Question: Is It Permanent?

So, does Fraxel have permanent results? Not to frustrate you, but the answer really depends on your definition of “permanent.” Of course, Fraxel is extremely powerful and will do wonders for restoring the glow and smooth texture of your skin, and yup, these results will last for years; however, the sorry truth is: you will continue to age. While the world’s scientists, celebrities, and conquistadors are hard at work at finding the fountain of youth, as of this moment the best defenses we have against aging are sophisticated treatments like Fraxel. Yes, you will continue to age, but with Fraxel you’re practically turning back the hands of time in terms of aging.

It’s not a miracle—it’s science. If you want Fraxel’s sophisticated technology to help you achieve smoother, younger skin that’ll last for years, contact ICLS now, for a consultation.