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Give Me a C! A Vitamin C!

Here at our cosmetic surgery clinic we are starting April off with a bang! Until we run out, you have the opportunity to receive a free Vivier Vitamin C scrub with the purchase of any Vivier Vitamin C.

Dr. Sapra; our dermatologist loves to use the “Pac Man” analogy when describing the importance of Vitamin C for the health of your skin. Ok, here goes nothin.’ In the same way that a Pac Man eats up those multi-colored pellets; Vitamin C is a scavenger for all of those nasty free radicals that come in to contact with and cause damage to your skin.

Of all things, you can really tell when a person is using a high-potency Vitamin C serum because their skin looks healthy and glowing. Even our very own female plastic surgeon Dr. Khanna, will be the first to admit that she is the worst example of practicing what you preach. We’ve certainly made some strides over the last few years by *cough*…getting her to stop using Dove soap as a cleanser…*cough.*But she also has been using Vivier Vitamin C&E for almost three years now! Yippee!

Vivier Vitamin C

Vivier Vitamin C Scrub
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