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Battle Against Stretch Marks & Aging?

April 12, 2012ICLS6Tags: , , Categories: Face, Home

Up until very recently there have been two primary categories of laser skin rejuvenation that Dr. Sapra our dermatologist will recommend: ablative and non-ablative laser. Ablative techniques regenerate damaged skin with superior cosmetic results, but are often associated with prolonged healing and recovery times.

Non-ablative techniques, on the other hand, carry fewer risks but require numerous treatments over several months. The advent of E2 – Ematrix™ sought to combine the advantages of both ablative and non-ablative, with the added benefit of tightening the skin.

However, one of the other reasons that our cosmetic surgery clinic is so thrilled about the E2 – Ematrix™ is the fact that we finally have an option for stretch marks. Previously, only pink or red stretch marks could be treated. After having her beautiful daughter, Ashleigh was the first one of our staff to jump on board to having their stretch marks treated. In fact, we have treated 7 of our staff already for either stretch marks or aging skin.

Before introducing any new technology we always have our staff trial it first. Cindy one of our Spa nurses couldn’t wait to try out the E2 – Ematrix™ laser and of course we were there to document her experience. She has already had 2 facial treatments and says she has seen great improvements to the colour and texture of her skin.

E2 – Ematrix™
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