One of the most common yet troubling forms of scarring is stretch marks. Stretch marks affect individuals of all ages and both men and women. Stretch marks most commonly occur during puberty, weight loss or pregnancy. Any time where the skin is either stretching or deflating, it is extremely common for stretch marks to occur. These scars can appear almost anywhere but are most common on the hips, abdomen and breasts.

There are a few options available to help improve the appearance of stretch marks including Pulsed Dye Laser, E2 – Ematrix and the ExcelV/Genesis laser. White stretch marks are difficult to treat; it is best to treat scars when they are still red or purple in appearance. At that time, ExcelV/Genesis laser can be used to help shrink the scars and reduce the associated redness. If the stretch marks are white or silver, E2 can be used to help tighten and shrink the area of scarring.


Before and After

Stretch Marks Treatment using VBeam

Red Stretch Marks

Red Stretch Marks

White Stretch Marks

Red Stretch Marks

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cause of stretch marks?

    Stretch marks most commonly occur during puberty, weight loss or pregnancy, when the skin is stretched due to sudden change in height or weight. It leaves a scar behind that appears as a stretch mark. 



  • Can you get rid of stretch marks at home?

    There is no topical cream that will remove stretch marks. A micro roller, such as the Dermaroller, used in combination with growth factor serum can help diminish their appearance.