Will Breast Implants Fix Stretch Marks?

We can all agree that stretch marks are not the most desirable side effects of pregnancy, aging, or weight fluctuations. They can show up anywhere, but none too troubling than on the breasts. If you have stretch marks, no doubt you want them gone. Once they appear, chances are they aren’t going anywhere unless you get cosmetic help.

Why Do You Get Them?

Stretch marks form when your body grows quickly, and your skin isn’t flexible enough to drape over underlying tissue adequately. As a result, thin, elongated rippled marks develop. This process happens when the skin lacks collagen and elastin, proteins that support your skin and help keep it tight.

Because the breasts are constantly changing in size and shape during a woman’s life, they are highly prone to stretch marks.

How Do You Get Rid of Them?

Many of our patients are amazed to learn that breast implants do a lot more than increase breast size. Our Director of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Julie Khanna, and her team will work with you to create the shape, size, projection, and positioning for fantastic looking breasts.

Though your stretch marks may not wholly disappear, she can make them significantly less visible by expanding and replenishing your youthful breast contours. If you would like to enhance your stretch mark reduction, we can include a breast lift with your implants to remove excess skin, increase support, and tighten skin surface. This combination will provide an age-defying breast rejuvenation and a superbly perky breast contour.

Other Areas

If you struggle with stretch marks in certain places other than your breasts, we have surgical and non-surgical treatments that can help. A tummy tuck, mommy makeover, Ematrix™, and ExcelV/Genesis laser treatments can help you enjoy a smooth, youthful skin tone and texture in all the right places.

Learn More

If you would like more information on how you can eliminate stretch marks and look incredible, contact us today! We provide the most advanced procedures and treatments that help women and men look their best safely.