Most women have at least some degree of asymmetry (unevenness in size) to their breasts. Breast asymmetry occurs when a woman’s breasts differ in size or shape. Usually, these size differences are so minimal that it causes little or no concern. There are cases where the difference can be substantial enough to cause both a physical imbalance and significant emotional distress. For example, a woman’s left breast may be a B–cup and the right, a D–cup. This may cause one breast to significantly droop, while the other does not.

Breast augmentation and/or a breast lift are commonly used to correct breast asymmetry and create balance between the breasts. Depending upon the type and degree of asymmetry, our plastic surgeon may utilize one or more procedures to achieve the best result. Following the completion of surgery, women usually have a greater sense of physical balance as well as an improvement in body image and self–esteem.