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YES Indeed

Recently, two of our cosmetic surgery clinic team members, Rachel and Roxanne, made a quick trip to Vancouver, B.C. With such a beautiful landscape, envy was at an all time high until they calmly explained that the trip was for business as opposed to pleasure (please ignore the images where it looks like they are having fun!).

While in Vancouver, Roxanne and Rachel were lucky enough to visit Dr. Matt Mosher’s office, known to most as YES MedSpa and cosmetic surgery centre. Gayle who manages the clinic was so kind and gracious to allow us a sneak peek into the day to day running of the clinic, an office tour as well as the opportunity to ask a variety of questions about what makes them so special. And special they are! They offer a variety of procedures including breast augmentation, BOTOX® and liposuction to name a few. But more importantly, Rachel and Roxanne explained how their outstanding team of front desk staff, patient coordinators and nurses made it so easy to see why patients love them!

YES MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Vancouver

YES MedSpa & Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Vancouver

Rachel in Vancouver
Roxanne in Vancouver
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