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Winning Week: Banishing Acne!

Good morning everyone! Here at ICLS we understand, perhaps all too well, that this week is back to school week. As a child, I remember that the first day of school was always accompanied by an undertow of stress. Would my friends be in the same class as me? Did my top match this skirt? And, of course, would I get a locker that wasn’t inhabited by a century’s worth of dried gum? Having to worry about your skin looking its best on the first day of school is something that we can now proudly cross off the ever-looming list of concerns.

Winning Week: Banishing Acne!

New to our clinic is the SkinTX Acne Treatment System. It’s the SkinTX we all know and love, but it’s now been formulated to treat acne. It’s an easy-peasy 2-step system that includes the SkinTx Medicated Acne Wash and the Acne Treatment Lotion for on the spot care for those suffering from acne breakouts. The results have been great with patients reporting that the combination of the wash and the lotion has left skin looking clear and healthy in as little as two weeks. We we’re so pleased with the positive responses that we are giving away 1 SkinTx Kit to a lucky winner! All you have to do is head on over to our facebook page at www.facebook.com/iclsca and “LIKE” us on our main page. Good luck to you all!

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