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What Are You Waiting For?

May 26, 2016DarylWood0Tags: Categories: Home, Inner Wisdom

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When we asked Ms. Daryl Wood, the founder and leader of the Women’s Wisdom Retreats to share exactly that…her wisdom…we were blown away by the profound nature of her words. However, in retrospect, it should come as no surprise that she is able to share these positive and encouraging words based on the nature of what she does every single day. So please, take a few moments to read, reflect, ponder and question the very words she so kindly shared with us at ICLS.

No matter what changes you want to make in your life, I believe it won’t happen unless or until something compels you to take action. Many people are waiting for that ‘something’ to force their hand. It might be news from the doctor, restructuring in the workplace, a relationship starts/ends, a family crisis or any other sudden shift in the world as we know it.

What I wonder is why. Why don’t we listen to the inner wisdom that is already telling us it’s time for change? There are a few possible answers to that question. It could be a pattern of procrastination or perhaps a fear of leaving behind people or situations. It could be the self-doubt that makes us over analyze opportunities to the point of stalling our progress.

Interestingly enough, it seems we focus on what we will lose or have to give up instead of what we might be gaining. For example, most people on a weight loss journey are quick to point out what they ‘can’t’ have – all the foods that they love but feel are detrimental to achieving their goal. I’ve heard stories of people considering career changes who quickly list the benefits of staying put even though their heart is longing for something new. Even when people are trying to declutter they can justify keeping things that take up valuable space and energy.

While it may be wise to consider all the options when we are facing change, sometimes we just need to do something. Taking some kind of action, no matter how big or small, that moves you closer to your goal is the best way to know if this is the right time and right space for what you think you want. That action might be designing a vision board that reflects the benefits of what you striving for. Or you might take fifteen minutes every day to focus entirely on the positive outcome of making that change. The more you keep your attention on what fulfills your heart and mind, the more likely you will do things that lead you towards and not away from your dream.

AUTHOR:  Ms. Daryl Wood, is the founder and leader of the Women’s Wisdom Retreats held in beautiful Tobermory, Ontario. She is a published author, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Certified TED* Practitioner, passionate student of life and so much more.

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