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The Chronicle: Part 2.

Dr. Sapra, iCLS’ resident dermatologist, is the co-editor of The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. This week the 2nd issue has been released; and it is chalked full of fascinating articles pertaining to the topic of cosmetic medicine.

With a National Editorial Board of such an amazing team of doctors and industry advisors (including our very own female plastic surgeon Dr. Julie Khanna of course!); you are promised a great read with thought provoking questions on sometimes controversial topics. But these doctors leave no stones unturned.

The ultimate goal is to provide our patients with the highest level of care. The only manner in which to do this is by asking questions, researching, and ultimately the sharing of knowledge from the top doctors.

This month’s topics include articles on the similarities and differences of toxins such as: BOTOX® and Xeomin®; the many benefits of cosmeceuticals, which are a unique combination of pharmaceutical-like ingredients and cosmetics. This journal is on the cutting-edge of research, discoveries and new clinical findings in aesthetic medicine.

The Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery
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