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January 19, 2012ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Face, Home

We know what you’re thinking…taking one look at Roxanne, ICLS’s cosmetic surgery co-coordinator, it is hard to believe that she is involved in any form of dangerous physical activity other than dodging the salespeople at the mall. Little might you know; Roxanne actually rides everyday at Parish Ridge Stables in Burlington.

Roxanne is not one of those riders who only wears crisp white shirts and maintains her hair in a perfect French braid. She is involved in every aspect of the riding process. The most unexpected of these: Roxanne has to routinely clean the stables before her ride. This means hacking away with a rake and shovel in order to get all of the muck out of her horses stall. At the end of this arduous process she is often covered in grit and sweat, which is a terrible combination for someone who prizes themselves on keeping a clear and acne free complexion. So she keeps up to date on her BOTOX® treatments, uses the products she swears by and is actually going to be the first of our staff to try the Mini Laser treatment (more to come on this awesome new treatment!)

Roxanne explains that she naturally has really oily skin, which means she is just one ride away from a breakout! That’s why she always carries her handy dandy Colorescience Let Me Be Clear Powder. It’s a powdered salicylic acid (acne and oil fighter); with SPF and a pinch of colour to even out the complexion. Right on!


Colorescience Let Me Be Clear Powder
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