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Roxanne puts “Fresh Friday” to the Test!

February 3, 2012ICLS0Tags: , , , Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

So as promised, Roxanne was our very own guinea pig for a technique we like to call the Mini Laser. It uses the Profractional laser to rejuvenate tired looking skin. Many patients in the range of 20-35 are looking for a solution that is stronger than a chemical peel, with minimal risks but most importantly, MINIMAL DOWNTIME! Let’s think of this as the Intro course to laser treatment.

So what did we do? We found the most sensitive skin on the face of the earth (*cough* Roxanne *cough*) and performed the Mini Laser treatment. While we are employing the same lasers we use for even the most aged skin and acne scarring, we apply much lower settings to improve textural concerns, sun damage, fine wrinkles and to give patients that oh so satisfying “oh my gosh, your skin looks amazing! What did you do?”

So we wanted to see realistically how much downtime patients can expect to get from the Mini Laser. While we encourage patients to experience “Fresh Fridays,” by having the treatment on a Friday, be a little red over the weekend and then good as new by Monday; sadly we are not here on the weekends and Roxanne may not have appreciated me waking her up on Saturday and Sunday to take pictures! So instead, Roxanne had her treatment last Monday and you will see the pictures of her on…

Roxanne puts “Fresh Friday” to the Test!

Day 1 – Tuesday we see her without a stitch of makeup looking pink, but says she feels totally normal. She headed straight back to the makeup station after this picture so she was ready to work again.

Roxanne puts “Fresh Friday” to the Test!

Day 2 – Wednesday we see her looking almost back to normal without any makeup again!

Day 3 – Thursday we get to see her gorgeous after with no makeup on (except for a little mascara!)

When we asked Roxanne to share her experience she explains that prevention was one of the main reasons she decided to do the “Mini Laser.” Ensuring that her skin stands the test of time is extremely important to her. While she still has two more treatments to go in the series, she says her skin already feels baby soft, her pores appear smaller and it helped to get rid of some pigmentation that was bothering her. Glowing skin and no need for time off? We’re saying holla to the Mini Laser!

Roxanne puts “Fresh Friday” to the Test!
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