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New Beauty Buzz on Ultherapy®

January 27, 2014ICLS0Tags: , , Categories: Face, Home, Skin

As specialists in our field we are responsible for knowing what is going on industry-wide when it comes to the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures and skincare. Now we know that some procedures can be a flash in the pan with a lot of hype, but without the same level of efficacy that we deem to be worthy of our clientele. When it comes to our physicians and nurses, we pride ourselves on only offering procedures that have gone through our stringent in-house testing process, which sometimes involves our clinical trials department, as well as being performed on many members of our staff. And then typically it’s time to wait. As with most procedures, instantaneous results are not the norm. We either must conduct multiple treatments to get to our end result, or it can sometimes take 1-4 months to see the full results of 1 treatment. We use our Vectra™ 3D digital photography system, hand-held camera as well as our Canfield Mirror UV photo technology to gauge exactly what a patient can expect from having treatment and offer you many of our Before & After photos here. But we don’t want to just see results on one or two patients; we need to see a consistent “wow” across numerous patients. There are also rigorous safety testing standards that the treatment must pass before we could even consider bringing a technology through our door. And that is exactly the process we followed when we decided to offer our patients ULTHERAPY®!


So we were jumping for joy when Ultherapy® was chosen as BEST IN-OFFICE TREATMENT by NEW BEAUTY magazine. I’d like to say we were shocked, but we weren’t. With the results we’ve achieved it’s no wonder it was chosen as #1!!! This is one of those treatments that is getting a TON of buzz through Dr. Oz and 20/20 as well as lots of chatter on Twitter, but has the results and safety that we confidently stand behind.

ULTHERAPY® is the only non-surgical way to lift the skin on the face, neck and chest. And we see the results with our own eyes time and time again. When a patient asks me personally, “does Ulthera/Ultherapy® really work?” my eyes brighten with the excitement of being able to share the results I have seen. I’m excited that they are open to discussing the possibility of having the procedure and it makes me hopeful that I will be able to watch them transform throughout the process as well!

Here’s how it works: (or if you prefer, watch the video below) Ulthera uses ultrasound to stimulate the deep, structural support layers of the skin (those same layers that are addressed during a surgical facelift.) It is a 1-2 hour appointment, depending on how many areas are being treated, ranging from the lower face, neck, jawline, chest and brow. Some patients see an instant “boost” or “lift” after the procedure, and full results will be visible approximately 2 months after your treatment.


Click below to watch Dr. Sapra’s treatment and the adjunctive skincare we often recommend with Ulthera®.

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