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Joining the Clarisonic Craze!

February 28, 2014KarenBeaulieu0Tags: , , Categories: Home, ICLS, Skin

Last year after we brought in the Clarisonic Mia2, Pro and Opal for the eye area, and my fellow co-workers went crazy, absolutely raving about theirs and how much of a difference it had made to their skin. I sat back and listened, but was skeptical and in no hurry to jump on what I thought was a bandwagon that would probably just fizzle out after the “newness factor” had worn off. Besides, I was doing a perfectly fine job of cleansing and caring for my skin…boy was I wrong.

Not too long ago, after the hoopla hadn’t died down, I gave in and bought the Mia2 and let me tell you…I LOVE it!!! I could not believe the first time I used it and looked at the brush after each beep how much makeup and buildup was on the brush. I mean seriously?! That was ALL on my face?! Yikes! After I was done and went to use my cotton pad with toner, expecting to see the usual leftover residue and there was none…I mean not a speck…NONE!!!…I was instantaneously converted to an official member of the ICLS Clarisonic worshippers.

It is absolutely amazing since using the Clarisonic, how truly different my skin looks and feels. I’m not the only one that notices either, friends, family and patients I have known for years are all asking me what I’ve done and what I’m using. Each and every time I tell them it’s my Clarisonic in combination with the products that have been specifically chosen for my skincare needs and concerns by our skincare specialists, which anyone can come in and have done. Bottom line though the Clarisonic has made a HUGE difference for me and I would recommend it to almost anyone.

Clarisonic Sea Breeze
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