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Honest to goodness those very words were spoken by our one and only, beloved dermatologist, Dr. Sapra. When it comes to being on top of the latest dermatological and aesthetic advances, there is no one like Dr. Sapra.

Howwwever…when it comes to social media, let’s just say we’re no longer speaking his language of BOTOX® and non-surgical fat removal. So Dr. Sapra handed over the reins when we decided to launch Twitter for the whole of ICLS. While he still loves sending me images and things he wants to “twit,” he leaves the technical stuff to me!

Twitter allows you to receive timely updates on everything from this month’s no charge breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Julie Khanna, our female plastic surgeon; to a video on Dr. Sapra learning to “saber” a champagne bottle (it happened!). So follow us today at: www.twitter.com/iclsca or should we say: #followusy’all.

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