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Fractional Laser Treatments: Skin Spa

March 4, 2011ICLS0Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

Patients come into the clinic every day saying that their skin has recently begun to show signs of aging after years of tanning, smoking and other damaging practices. Although lasers like Erbium CO2 will dramatically improve the appearance of aged skin including wrinkles, brown spots and uneven skin texture, most patients cannot afford to have such significant downtime due to their busy schedules. With Fractional treatments, patients can achieve the same dramatic improvements, over a series of treatments with substantially less downtime.

There are three main types of Fractional lasers including Pixel, Profractional and Fraxel®. Unlike traditional ablative lasers (CO2 Erbium), Fractional lasers promote the creation of new, healthy skin by creating hundreds of tiny ablative sites separated by untreated/undamaged skin. The treated areas promote regeneration of new skin in a way that is similar to ablative lasers, yet we are able to achieve significantly reduced downtimes. Fractional lasers also beneficial in the fact that they heat the dermis to stimulate collagen growth. Sun exposure should be kept to a minimum following any type of laser treatment and a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher be used to help protect and prolong results (Dermaglow 85SPF highly recommended). Please feel free to contact us for your consultation regarding Fractional laser treatments.

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