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ICLS E-Menu of Treatments and Procedures

Female Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Khanna recently had the most hilarious conversation with her teenage daughter. Dr. Khanna was telling her daughter about a time when she was in high school and she was panicking a week before she had an essay due because the book she needed from the library had been checked out and it wasn’t scheduled to be returned for another two weeks. Her daughter just didn’t understand and responded with the following: “Why didn’t you just download it?” Without giving too much away about Dr. Khanna’s age it was clear that there were two very different generations talking to one another!

In this day and age information is accessible to an unimaginable extent. ICLS prides itself on its ability to keep up with the changing times and wants to make sure that all of the information our patients need is accessible in a timely and efficient manner. This is why we are adding a free e-brochure or e-menu to our website. The menu contains detailed information about all the services we offer, information about Dr. Sapra and Dr. Khanna, our ambassador program and links to all of our social media sites. It will also be periodically updated to highlight any new procedures, special offers or promotions; such as this Fall’s E2 – Ematrix™ Special, which offers a FREE Clarisonic Mia 2. For more information on this and other exciting offers, sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

We asked Rachel (ICLS’ communications maven) why she was excited about the addition of an e-brochure to the ICLS website. In true Rachel Gray fashion she gave us the following detailed list. First and foremost the convenience of an e-brochure is of paramount importance. People are used to having information at their fingertips. Having all of our treatment options available in this format means that our patients all over the world can have the information they need when they need it. In their pajamas at home or on commute to work it is always available. Secondly, an electronic version of our brochure ensures that ICLS is taking a step towards reducing its environmental impact by reducing its dependence on paper. And lastly, an electronic version means that we are easily able to change the information contained in the brochure to accommodate new treatments and to highlight special offers and promotions.

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