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Dr. Sapra in the Community!

The Melanoma Network of Canada (MNC) was founded in 2009 by Annette Cyr, a three-time melanoma survivor, with support and assistance from Jo Anne Adams, also a survivor; and Terra Deeth who is the caregiver to a husband with melanoma. The network was founded to respond to the need for patients in Canada to have a nationally-based organization to coordinate educational and prevention efforts, provide a strong voice for advocacy, and assist in efforts to target funding for melanoma research. Dermatologist Dr. Sapra strongly believes in the network’s mission statement and works to support their efforts in any way he can.

Dr. Sapra works hard to get his message out there. Whether it’s a 15 year old girl going to the tanning beds, or someone who has a past history of burns and poor skincare! Some of the most alarming facts about Melanoma are:

  • Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers worldwide. Out of all types of skin cancer, Melanoma is the least common, but most deadly form of skin cancer because it can easily spread in the body.
  • The survival rate for melanoma is high if it is detected early. Also, unlike many other cancers, melanoma is clearly visible on the skin.
  • It only takes one blistering sunburn to double a person’s chances of developing melanoma.
  • Early exposure to tanning beds or even occasional use can increase a person’s chance of developing melanoma by 75%!

Dr. Sheetal Sapra deals with these alarming facts on a daily basis. He is constantly reminded that skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, and therefore wants to get the message out about sun protection using a wide-brimmed hat and effective sunscreens, and cancer prevention through any means possible. As part of this mission Dr. Sapra participated in the MNC’s second annual Tee Off for Melanoma Awareness. The event was a morning round of golf followed by a BBQ lunch and a silent auction. Dr. Sapra spoke about the numerous prevention methods available, as well as about our revolutionary new technological additions: Fotofinder Mole Mapping.

Here is the video of Dr. Sapra talking at the Melanoma Network of Canada luncheon!

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