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Don’t Horse Around with Sun Damage

We’ll admit it; we’re running with a bit of “Staff Picks” fever. This week we are featuring Katie’s favourite. Katie jokes that she may look to be 23, but she is actually 78 and just looks great from working with a dermatologist and female plastic surgeon. We must say (sorry to everyone else) that Katie is by far the most hilarious member of the ICLS cosmetic surgery staff. She constantly incites fits of laughter and is therefore, always a sheer pleasure to be around.

When we asked Katie what her staff pick was, she didn’t hesitate for a moment. Katie swears by the Vital Science Advanced Repair Serum. It helps to repair her cellular damage after all those years being at horse shows under the glaring sun! I’ve included a picture of Katie at an NBHA barrel race this past summer. It also improves her overall skin health, gives a beautiful glow to the skin and reduces pigmentation and sun damage. All great things when you are asked to model without a moment’s notice. Doesn’t Katie look beautiful? Katie credits all of her natural flair to the one and only Vanna White.

Katie even tells us that about a year ago she told her dad to use it on his arms and scalp which were covered with actinic keratoses. AK’s are pre-cancerous sun damage lesions. We’re talking a true blue cowboy who crazily enough won’t even use sunscreen. But after he saw the AK’s disappearing from using the Vitalscience Advanced Repair Serum he was a believer. For patients concerned with AK’s we often will recommend either Metvix skin treatment or Blu–U® treatment with Levulan for Actinic Keratoses.

Vital Science Advanced Repair Serum

Vital Science Advanced Repair Serum
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