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Don’t be a worry-wart!

I can “toad-ally” relate to this frustrating condition that believe it or not affects more men, women and children than you might think! Warts are annoying little skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin or sometimes even mucous membranes. It is important to understand that unfortunately this virus can be transmitted from person to person, although some individuals are more susceptible to the virus than others.

So, let’s talk solutions! You may have found yourself trying absolutely everything that is available over the counter to no avail. Many of our patients have also had liquid nitrogen treatment from their family doctors, still without success…let me tell you, some of these little suckers are resilient BUT we can help you on your way to care-free mani and pedi’s once again! We do find that the most popular place for these annoyances to pop up is on the hands and feet.

Warts can be treated in a number of different ways but we find the utmost success with our PDL (pulsed dye laser) treatment. The PDL emits a powerful beam of light into the wart. This results in damage to the vessels that supply the wart with blood and also stimulates the immune system. PDL is extremely successful in treating warts that occur on the hands and feet, warts on the body and the face as well. Immediately following treatment there can be some bruising and normally multiple treatments are required. We use something called the CO2 (Carbon Dioxide Laser) for single, large warts on the bottom of the foot. This laser allows well-controlled destruction of the wart and some of the surrounding tissue.

Here at ICLS we pride ourselves in offering the best follow-up care to allow your procedure/treatments to be as successful as possible. We offer products that compliment every treatment and suggest picking up your La-Roche Posay Podologics or Xerand to work in conjunction with your wart treatments. Simply apply your podologics or xerand before bed time to soften the callused skin surrounding the wart to allow our laser to penetrate the lesion with ease resulting in a more effective treatment.

Don’t be a worry-wart!
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