Cosmetic Treatments to Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

For men and women who’ve struggled with obesity over the years, dramatic weight loss is often a lifelong journey that requires much preparation and patience yet yields life-changing results. From improved confidence and health to a longer life, dramatic weight loss by any means can completely transform all aspects of a person’s life for the better.

However, just because numbers may drop on the scale, dramatic weight loss doesn’t equate to an immediately slimmer appearance. After years of hard work and careful treatment, some patients who’ve undergone substantial weight-loss find themselves somewhat underwhelmed with their overall appearance. While they’ve certainly lost the weight, excess skin can last as a reminder. After all the hard work they’ve undergone to achieve their slimmer figure and a healthier lifestyle, this unwanted baggage can undercut their massive achievements. Rather than hide behind clothes and girdles, cosmetic plastic surgery is an excellent final step to complete total body transformation.

I Lost Weight – Why Do I Have this Extra Skin?

While you may not know it, your skin is exposed to a great deal over the course of your life. From sun exposure and damage to the natural aging process, the skin is uniquely able to heal and stretch thanks to all-important collagen and elastin. These proteins contribute to the strength and elasticity of your skin, allowing it to recover and remain firm and tight over the years.

Weight fluctuation is a normal part of life. As individuals put on pounds, the skin stretches to accommodate the increased growth. When a person gains weight then loses it within a few months, collagen and elastin help the skin tighten back up (think pregnant women). This allows patients to return to their original size and shape with relative ease.

Extreme weight gain over periods of years doesn’t have the same result. When the excess weight is carried around for years, the skin stretches to the point where the collagen and elastin fibers are permanently damaged. As a result, once the weight is lost, the skin in the area remains stretched out and loose.

Age can also impact how and if the skin will return to its original position. While collagen production remains high during our youth and young adult years, it ultimately slows as we grow older. As a result, environmental stressors and the natural aging process cause damage faster than collagen and elastin can be produced, diminishing the amount available. For men and women who’ve lost substantial weight later in life, it can be extremely difficult to remove or retract excess skin without some type of removal process.

Remove Extra Skin with these Surgical Options!

Worried about extra skin keeping you from enjoying your hard work? A reconstructive body lift is an excellent solution for eliminating unwanted skin and helping patients finally achieve the body shape they’ve dreamed of.

Not all reconstructive procedures are the same. As with weight loss procedures, your plastic surgery may involve a combination of treatments tailored to fit your needs and goals. Some of the options available at our state-of-the-art facility in Oakville include:

  • Arm Lift: Also called brachioplasty, arm lifts remove excess skin from the upper arms and hide the incision on the inside of the bicep, eliminating unflattering “bingo wings”.
  • Breast Lift: Substantial fat loss can occur anywhere on the body, including the breasts. During this procedure, the breasts are reconstructed into a more flattering position higher up on the chest, allowing women to gain a more flattering appearance. For men, excess tissue in this area is removed to reveal a more masculine figure.
  • Thigh and Buttock Lift: As with the breasts, dramatic weight loss can lead to sagging tissue around the rear. Buttock lifts are an excellent option for recontouring an individual’s derriere.
  • Tummy Tuck: Abdominoplasty allows patients to remove extra tissue from the mid-section and reveal a slim waistline.

Weight gain affects different patients differently. For individuals with excess skin all over, combination treatment plans can be developed to ensure all concerns are fully addressed.

Complete Your Transformation at ICLS

From consultation to the final evaluation, the plastic surgeons at ICLS are your partners in total body transformation. Our mission is to ensure you have all the information necessary to make the best decision for your health and goals. Together, we’ll build the perfect plastic surgery treatment for you. Learn more about dramatic weight loss surgery by calling our team today!