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Augmentation 12 Years Later

When making a decision to undergo cosmetic surgery it is important to think of the long term. Dr. Khanna, ICLS’s resident female plastic surgeon always advises patients to consider whether the change is something that will still be desirable 10, 20, 30 and even 40 years from now. Dr. Khanna has often likened the consultation process to that of a story book. “When I meet you I only see one page,” so it my responsibility to ask all of the right questions about your goals and desires in order to get a more comprehensive sense of the story and the reasons for having a particular procedure.

To give patients a realistic representation of the surgical experience years down the road, we sat down with Karen who talked about her breast augmentation surgery that took place with Dr. Khanna 12 years ago. To hear her thoughts and opinions please watch the video here:

Breast Augmentation Surgery 12 Years Later

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