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We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Bust

Okay, I really hope I wasn’t the only one who grew up reading Judy Blume books; otherwise the title of this Blog Post loses all of its hilarity and just sounds ridiculous.

Most of us can admit that having an attractive bust line is an important part of feeling self-confident and sexy as a woman. Whether its genetics, hormonal changes or the after effects of the children we love so dearly, many of us are not completely satisfied with the look of our breasts. Women candidly tell us that they are sick and tired of taking off their bra before they go to bed and basically “throwing their breasts on the nightstand!”

Breast augmentation involves the placement of breast implants either above or beneath the breast muscle to create a natural, beautiful looking bust. However, at our cosmetic surgery clinic, Dr. Khanna takes a very progressive approach to her patient’s recovery after having their breast augmentation surgery. As a female plastic surgeon Dr. Khanna performs a surgery that she calls the “Dinner Date Aug.” In order to promote a quick and speedy recovery, Dr. Khanna encourages all of her patients to go home, have a nap and then get up and go out to dinner. Dr. Khanna says that approximately 80% will either go out to dinner that same night, or definitely the day after surgery. This may seem surprising to some, however, she wants her patients to be up and moving around. While of course she still maintains that patients should not participate in any rigorous exercise or heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks, by remaining active after surgery, patients experience a much faster, more pleasant recovery experience. To meet with Dr. Khanna for a consultation, we encourage patients to call or email us for more information (905-842-2262 or info@icls.ca).

We Must Increase Our Bust - Breast augmentation at ICLS
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