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In Search of George Clooney

I find it really interesting that whenever I mentioned to anyone that we were travelling to Northern Italy, just outside Lake Como, to visit a world renowned Plastic Surgeon who has perfected the non-surgical method of rejuvenating the aging eye, the only comment from most was, “If you’re lucky, you’ll see George Clooney!” I have to start by saying, we didn’t actually see George Clooney, but we did have fun wearing George Clooney masks and snapping photos throughout our travels.

George's in a rowOur journey began on Friday night, when we had an overnight flight from Toronto to Frankfurt, Germany on Air Canada. Due to a delayed departure in Toronto, we managed to miss our connection in Frankfurt. The fact that Dr. Sapra started out the trip with a torn MCL in his right knee (that he planned to have operated on at the end of May) didn’t help the trek from one end of the airport terminal to the other. I couldn’t blame the entire thing on him, as there were many other Canadians that missed the flight, as well. (We won’t tell him that though). 😉 We were lucky enough to get another flight within 3 hours, so we were not too late arriving in Milan. We had a car pick us up and we headed off to stunning Lake Como.

We stayed at the infamous Villa D’este, and we were greeted by the general manager, Massimo. The service at this lovely hotel surpassed all of our expectations and I would recommend it to anyone who has the chance to stay there.

Just like in a movie, I was awakened by the ringing of church bells on Sunday morning. When I opened the old style wooden windows, the view actually took my breath away. I looked out onto the stunning blue lake surrounded by lush, green mountains. Lake Como is definitely a place that you never want to leave.

It was really unfortunate that the weather didn’t co-operate very well, as we did have a 3 hour boat cruise around the lake that we had to cancel due to heavy rain. We did get out to explore a little, with umbrellas in tow. I can see now why George spends so much time in this quaint little town. It’s cobblestone streets, inviting shops and eateries make it a tourist attraction for sure. We also enjoyed the local cuisine and sampled lasagna like I’ve never experienced, as well as veal Milanese with rocket and cherry tomatoes. YUM!

Dinner with GeorgeWe haven’t even made it to the reason for our trip, the Doctors and Clinics. Stay tuned….I’m getting there!

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