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Latisse® for Lorraine.

Lorraine is one of our amazing team members and has now worked at our cosmetic surgery clinic for quite some time now! Taking a quick look at Lorraine it is abundantly clear that she needs no help in the beauty department.

So when we asked her for her “staff pick,” we were expecting Lorraine to have a hard time coming up with an answer. But au contraire my friends…Lorraine did not skip a beat. She told us that she has always been self-conscious about her lashes (or lack thereof)and had tried every mascara under the sun in an attempt to get that doe-eyed look.

So when she heard about Latisse®, she talked to Dr. Sapra, ICLS’s resident dermatologist, to see whether the product was right for her. It was indeed, and Lorraine has started applying Latisse® every day for at least 2 months now. We are happy to report that she has already experienced tremendous changes in both the thickness and length of her lashes. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words it is clear that the ones below only need one: Wow!

Lash Growth with Latisse<sup>®</sup>

Latisse<sup>®</sup> for Lorraine
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