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October 16, 2012ICLS0Tags: , Categories: Face, Home

We often joke that the men who marry into the ICLS family are a few brave souls! When Abi started to notice that her husband Dante was getting deeper expression lines on his forehead, she knew exactly what to prescribe. Dante booked his first appointment for BOTOX®. Dante felt that the deep lines in his forehead were making him look older. He also felt he had a constantly stern expression; which is something he did not wish to project either personally or professionally. And as you will see, this is a treatment that many men are turning to in this day and age:


It is evident that in order to compete in a younger work force, more than ever, men are wanting to put their best face forward. BOTOX® is a great option since it is so natural; men are able to maintain expression, but have their skin look smoother and less wrinkled.

Watch the video below for more on this topic:

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