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Becoming a Canadian

We have an incredibly diverse group of individuals at ICLS and appreciate all the small triumphs and milestones of each and every individual. Which is why, in the midst of our Canada day celebrations, we were pleased to hear that our very own Marie (one of the friendly faces you will see at our front reception) received notice that she was finally an official CANADIAN!

With her permanent residency already under her belt, we just had to ask, what made her say, “Let’s do this!”?

“It all started when my very close friend pushed me to apply for my Canadian citizenship. It really had never crossed my mind. I was 3 when I moved here from Ireland and Canada was already my home. But my friend was right. My daughter was Canadian, my now, late husband was Canadian, and I needed to be fully apart of this place I already called my home. So I applied, I studied, I waited, and when the big day came, I passed!”

So you may want to know, how does one celebrate becoming a Canadian? In true Canuck fashion, Marie’s friends threw her a big “WELCOME TO CANADA” party with a couple surprises. Wearing a beaver tail all evening Marie was later sworn in by receiving a shower of Maple Syrup. How much more Canadian could it get?

What a memorable way to celebrate our Nations Birthday! Welcome to Canada Marie and Happy Birthday Canada!

Marie's a Canadian!

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