Skin tags, also known as Acrochordon or Papilloma’s, are generally benign lesions that you may wish to remove for cosmetic reasons. They may interfere with the wearing of eyeglasses, jewellery or possibly bleed when shaving. These small growths pose no threat. Most appear smooth and flat, but some appear as flaps of skin. They are usually flesh coloured and are a result of the repeated rubbing of skin. 

Skin tags can appear where clothing rubs the skin such as underarms, groin, neck and chest. A topical numbing cream is normally applied one hour prior to treatment and can often be removed using liquid nitrogen or by cauterizing them. Larger skin tags often respond best to the shave technique where we shave them off. Dr. Sapra may inject an anesthetic for comfort, and apply aluminum chloride after excision to stop any bleeding instantly.


Before and After

Skin Tags removal using Excision

Mole Removal using Shave Excision and Cautery

Mole Removal using Shave Excision and Cautery

Mole Removal using Shave Excision and Cautery

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cause of skin tags?

    Chafing, irritation and rubbing of the skin are the most common causes, but there are factors that may play a role. Some may form after high levels of growth factors such as during pregnancy or Acromegaly. May also be known to be hereditary.

  • Are skin tags a symptom of anything?

    Skin tags are benign, and no treatment is necessary, although they are often removed for cosmetic reasons.