Making important lifestyle changes can help you live life to the fullest and enjoy a healthier, more positive outlook. However, it can take months to years for these changes to make a noticeable difference in your appearance. There are many reasons that patients decide to undergo body procedures. Many are frustrated when hard work and exercise are unable to fully restore their tummy to being flat and toned after pregnancy. There are others seeking to reform and lift the sagging skin that remains after dramatic weight loss.

Complementing a healthy lifestyle with body contouring treatments can help motivate patients to keep up their hard work and continue improving their overall health and well-being.

Learn more about the non-invasive cosmetic treatments and surgical procedures available at ICLS below.



Body Procedures and Treatments

The Skin Store

For 25 years ICLS Dermatology and Plastic Surgery has helped make great skin a reality for our patients. We offer medical-grade cosmeceutical products to further correct or help maintain results. Products can be purchased on your next visit to ICLS, over the phone for curb side pick-up, or through our online store for home delivery.
ENDOR Anti-Cellulite Cream
La Roche Posay® Iso-Urea Lait
Skinceuticals® Body Tightening Concentrate