About ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery in Oakville, Ontario

ICLS Dermatology & Plastic Surgery is a world-class facility recognized for its integrity, safety and professionalism. Our doctors and extensive team of nursing and administrative professionals take pride in treating our patients like family. At ICLS, we believe education is paramount and for this reason, we have ensured that our team is trained by world renowned experts in the fields of dermatology, aesthetics and plastic surgery.

Since 1995, our entire business has been built on the cultural cornerstones of safety, respect, professionalism and compassion. We empower every team member to make decisions that serve our patients, while working together as one cohesive team.

Over 25 Years of Board-Certified Experience

ICLS founders Dr. Julie Khanna and Dr. Sheetal Sapra are renown leaders in their respective fields of plastic surgery and dermatology. They also are the founders of an exclusive, invitation-only meeting called Cosmetic Update for top cosmetic specialists in the country.

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A Focus on Innovation

Over the years ICLS has expanded into a full-fledged, world-class, state-of-the-art facility offering cutting-edge services from plastics, to skin, to medical and clinical research. ICLS has been recognized as an industry pioneer for its advances in technology, surgery and skincare. We are a fully-accredited facility in Oakville offering “best in class” solutions approved by Health Canada. In October 2021 we opened The Skin Store, an e-commerce shop and retail space within the clinic where patients and the public can find medical-grade skincare brands selected by our physicians. ICLS remains dedicated to treating hundreds of concerns while leading with innovation.  

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