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Dermatology Nurse Shirley

Wonderful Shirley joined Dr. Sapra’s team of Dermatology nurses just over two months ago now. She persevered past our Airplane motivated: “And don’t call me Shirley” jokes and is a full-fledged member of the ICLS team. Shirley is a recent nursing school graduate and won dermatologist Dr. Sapra over with her meticulous nature and enthusiasm. She was thrilled to come aboard the team! With previous customer service jobs that included working at Fido and Hallmark she was well prepared for our patient focus at ICLS…but seriously, how hard can it possibly be to pick a Birthday card people? She was also blown away by the sense of camaraderie at ICLS. Everyone is so friendly that it took no time at all to feel like she was part of the team. We’re thrilled to have you on board Shirley!

We recently started shooting a short video segment called “What I Use” to share on our website. Patients are always asking us about the skincare we use, so thought it would be perfect to get all our ICLS staff members on board to share what products they love! There are no bigger supporters or should I say “obsessors” of our many skincare products than our own staff. And why wouldn’t they be? It’s so important before any new product is brought into ICLS that it’s thoroughly tested and trialed by our staff. We would never be able to recommend something that we didn’t whole-heartedly support. Our patients trust our expertise and opinions and when we recommend something for their skin, we need to be 110% confident that we’re going to get the results we’re BOTH looking for. So stay tuned as we will be releasing these videos over the next few weeks!

Shirley has recently started using the Vivier Hexam Cleanser which has amazing anti-microbial properties and is well suited for a number of concerns. Some people think a cleansers, a cleansers, a cleanser?! But she will be the first person to tell you NAY! The active ingredient Hexamidine kills little tiny mites that are on the surface of everyone’s skin. Gross right? For some people these itty bitty mites don’t do a darn thing to our skin. But to others, these mites cause redness, acne and/or sensitivity. By killing these mites, the skin is left calm, bright and glowing with a reduction in redness. It’s a red complexioned gal or guy’s best friend! It’s actually a big hit amongst men since it can be used to shave with and reduces inflammation, ingrowns and irritation. Who knew???

As her next step Shirley decided to ditch her Neutrogena cleanser in place of the Vivier Sunscreen SPF 30. Ok yes, it may say SPF 30, but I swear…it doesn’t feel anything like a sunscreen. It feels like a light-weight moisturizer for everyday and happens to have some anti-aging Vitamin C in there as well. Also a HUGE favourite amongst men! Ladies, if you think there is no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks your husband will use a sunscreen, bring this home, rip off the label and tell them it’s just a moisturizer. I promise, you will have your hubby fooled and his skin will be thanking you. We use it in big pumps in ALL of our rooms because it’s so suitable for every skin type, even those who say they break out from everything. If you could add one thing to your regime, this is it.

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