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The Skin Spa: Thermage®/IPL/BOTOX®

December 8, 2010ICLS0Categories: Face, Home, ICLS

Constant sun exposure over a period of time will cause pre-mature aging of the skin, resulting in a loss of collagen and skin laxity, pigment changes and wrinkles to appear. A non-surgical treatment for laxed hanging skin to correct mild jowling due to a loss of collagen is Thermage® and for sun damaged skin IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). BOTOX® injections to diminish wrinkles can further compliment results of either Thermage® or IPL treatment.

To correct mild jowling, Thermage® works by emitting radio frequency energy in the facial area which heats up collagen; this tightens the skin to give it a more youthful appearance. Thermage® can also be used to restore collagen around the eyes and on the body.

IPL is effective in treating photo damaged skin by emitting light to areas such as the face, hands, neck and chest. The light does not harm the upper layers of skin but removes brown blotchy pigmentation caused by sun exposure and restores a more natural skin tone. IPL can also correct scattered blood vessels. Thermage® and IPL along with proper skin care, which includes the daily use of sunscreen and sun avoidance, can help restore vibrant, youthful skin.

BOTOX® which is the most popular non-surgical treatment worldwide, can temporarily reduce wrinkles and can further compliment Thermage® and IPL results. It is commonly injected in the forehead, frown lines and the crow’s feet area (corner of the eyes). The results usually take a week for full effect and can last up to four months. A consultation with Dr. Khanna or Dr. Sapra will be required for new patients to address any concerns and questions and then the injections will be performed by a qualified nurse.

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