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SwissTEC™ – The Skin Spa

SwissTEC™ is a certified all organic skincare line that offers optimal results while maintaining the skin’s sensitive balance. Luxurious and calming, the SwissTEC skincare line offers advanced skin solutions without the irritation associated with other product lines.

The SwissTEC™ Optimal Cleanser is well suited for all skin types and is used to dissolve makeup and impurities, while leaving the skin feeling soothed and re-energized from harsh environmental assaults. The calming gel-based formula contains ingredients such as Provitamin B5, Aloe Vera Extract and a Soothing Active from Indian Root Plant. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties that provide anti-aging benefits that cannot normally be found in a cleanser.

The SwissTEC™ Clarifying Elixir is recommended for oily, acne prone skin types and is used to clear and reduce the size of clogged pores, remove acne-causing dead surface cells, while also balancing the skin’s sensitive moisture level. A combination of glycolic and salicylic acid works to effectively clear the skin, while zinc, aloe vera extract and Provitamin B5 work to soothe and calm the associated redness and irritation that is often characteristic of acne-prone skin.

The SwissTEC™ Trifoliant is a powerful, yet gentle physical exfoliator designed to encourage a smooth and even skin texture, while also promoting a glowing skin tone. This product uses quartz exfoliating particles, salicylic acid and Vitamin A to promote cell turnover, thus improving texture, firmness and smoothness of the skin.

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